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Life in Antarctica

Life in Antarctica

What is life like in Antarctica?

Life in Antarctica is not your usual experience. Well, most especially its day and night pattern. You get to experience day or daylight straight for 6 months, they call it Summer. And yes! you got it right. Night time for also 6 months straight.

There are no residents in Antarctica which accounts to its small population. The workers who does utility and clerical jobs and Scientists who does research are the ones who stays the longest. Tourists also accounts for most of its’ population.

But none reside permanently at the place

The population is 5000 during summer and drops to 1000 during winter.

Leisure and Activities in Antarctica

Residents there are spread far apart, So they find means in whatever ways they can to pass time. One example I know of is that especially during winters, people there have costume-themed parties which they can dress up as sailors or even hunters and just roam around within their town like it’s nothing.

Since most residents are scientists and workers, they live in places such as bases. Their bases are so far apart that they need to communicate through phones or high frequency radios to play games. Games such as darts and record one’s own score. Imagine that!

Holidays in Antarctica

Mid-Winter day! Which is on 21st of June, is already regarded as holiday. It began when old explorers set foot at the place. it signifies the sun getting as far north as possible and then slowly coming back to Antarctica where people have been in the darkness for some months already at that point.

People from different stations really do prepare dinner and greet each other all over the continent either through internet or calls. Well, since they are mostly far apart. They even invite each other over for dinner. Which is intended as a joke of course.

Going to Antarctica

Access to the place is restricted by the Antarctic Treaty. Stating that Antarctica  will be used “exclusively for peaceful purposes and shall not become the scene or object of international discord.”

So if you want to visit the place you would have to request permission from the government of your own country. And show proof that you are self sufficient.

And a very good reason for your wanting to go, and that you will not cause any environmental damage.

Best way is that you will be able to show your itinerary first hand.

You will also be breaking the law if you extend your stay longer than you said you originally would.

What’s cool in Antarctica

What’s cool is seeing the Auroras!

Auroras are a natural electrical phenomenon which is characterized by the appearance of streams of reddish, or green lights in the sky..

We can see Auroras, specifically Australis on this place. It can be a bucket list or an experience for some others. But for me I think this one is really cool and must be included on one’s own  life experience.


So? what is life like in Antarctica?

If you’re planning to get a job there, find someone to love and marry, have kids, raise them up, send them to school, join clubs, run for politics, have grandchildren, and retire happy? I think it’s better to consider otherwise.

Facilities are lacking, and there’s no such thing as towns or villages on that place. Mostly bases for scientific research and none has indefinitely stayed there up to date.


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